Pediatric Dentist in Moreno Valley

At Value Dental Centers Moreno Valley, we want our patients to enjoy healthy smiles that will last throughout their lives. For this reason, preventive care is a major focus of our practice. To protect children’s dental health, we proudly offer effective dental sealants at our Moreno Valley, CA practice. Sealants are made of liquid plastic, which will eventually harden and form a barrier over teeth. They can be an effective way to prevent decay in newly developed molars. Because they last so long, sealants can protect kids’ smiles for decades to come. In fact, we believe so strongly in the importance of sealants that we offer free treatment for children under the age of 11.

Candidates for Dental Sealants

People of all ages are susceptible to dental decay. In some cases, children face a higher risk because they do not understand how to maintain proper oral hygiene. Unfortunately, cavities are cyclical. When kids develop dental decay, they are likely to suffer from recurring cavities as adults. For this reason, we most often recommend sealants for pediatric patients. Children are typically able to undergo treatment when their permanent molars start to come in.

Adults can sometimes receive sealants, as well. For example, if you have particularly deep grooves in your back teeth, you may benefit from this treatment. To qualify for sealants, your teeth must be healthy without any previous decay.

Placing Dental Sealants

Before applying sealants, your children’s dentist will first clean your child’s teeth.  Then he or she will treat the teeth with a mild acid solution. The material will not irritate your child’s gums or weaken the teeth. However, it will create microscopic grooves in the dental enamel. The increased surface area will ensure that that the sealants form a strong bond. After washing and drying the teeth once more, your dentist will apply the liquid coating to the top chewing surfaces. Sealants are white or clear, so once the material dries, it will not affect the look of your smile.

After covering your teeth in the liquid, your pediatric dentist will use a special light to harden the coating. As the sealants dry, they will form virtually impenetrable barriers over the tops of the molars. The sealants will keep food and bacteria from gathering in the deep grooves in these areas. They will also prevent bacteria from touching your enamel.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can greatly reduce the risk of decay. When food and bacteria are allowed to accumulate on teeth, they will interact with one another to form acids. These acids will erode enamel, and bacteria will have access to the underlying dental tissues. Sealants will prevent this buildup. Any bacteria that does accumulate will not be able to come in direct contact with those teeth. Plus, sealants can last for many years, and it is often possible to replace them once they have started to wear off.

Of course, even with sealants, maintaining proper dental hygiene is vital. Sealants will only cover the tops of molars. To protect the backs and sides, as well as all other teeth, you or your child should brush and floss at least twice a day. You should also be sure to schedule your biannual exams and cleanings.

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