Dental Exams

At Value Dental Centers Moreno Valley, we are committed to your long-term health and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, even if you take great care of your teeth, you are still at risk for decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and related concerns. For this reason, dental exams at our Moreno Valley, CA office are essential. When you come in twice a year or more, your dentist can look for the early symptoms of these conditions. Then he or she can provide suitable, conservative treatment. Our team proudly uses the latest technology to perform more accurate exams. Armed with advanced digital and laser tools, we can diagnose dental conditions long before you experience discomfort or significant dental damage.

Why Are Dental Exams So Important?

No amount of brushing and flossing will completely eradicate oral bacteria. Even with the best of care, microbes could start to erode your enamel, leading to cavities. In other cases, the bacteria could accumulate in your gums and cause periodontitis. Therefore, along with regular professional cleanings, dental exams are essential for oral health. These visits will help your dentist to diagnose decay and gum disease when they are most easily treatable.

In addition, we will perform an oral cancer screening at each exam. Oral cancer is often fatal, but this is because the disease frequently goes undetected. When they receive an early diagnosis, most oral cancer patients have a favorable outlook.

Advanced Technology for More Accurate Exams

When you come to Value Dental Centers, you will benefit from our array of advanced tools.

  • DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection: Your dentist will use this device to measure the levels of fluorescence in your teeth. A reading that is higher than normal will typically indicate decay. DIAGNOdent can reveal cavities long before they become visible and before you experience any symptoms. Then your dentist can treat decay with a simple filling, rather than a more extensive restoration.
  • Laser tests for oral cancer: Like DIAGNOdent, these tests will measure fluorescence in your gums and soft tissues. Laser tools can help your dentist diagnose cancer before you notice visible lesions or gum sensitivity. If your practitioner believes that you may have cancer, he or she will order a biopsy to provide a conclusive diagnosis.
  • X-rays: In most cases, your dentist will take x-rays at every other visit. These images can reveal decay, cracked teeth, misalignment, impacted teeth, and many other concerns.
  • Oral DNA tests: Genetics can greatly raise your risk for gum disease. Testing a small sample of saliva, your dentist can determine if you are likely to develop this condition. If we determine that you are a high risk patient, we can provide more aggressive preventive care.

How Often Should You Schedule an Examination?

In most cases, we encourage you to come in for an exam every six months. Sometimes, however, you may benefit from three or four visits a year. If you struggle with any of the following concerns, talk to us about more frequent dental exams:

  • A history of recurring decay
  • A previous gum disease diagnosis
  • An oral DNA test that suggests you are at a high risk for periodontitis
  • An oral cancer diagnosis or a family history of the disease
  • A history of smoking or the human papilloma virus (HPV), which can raise your risk for periodontitis

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