Meet our Dental Implant Specialist

12 Jan
Dental Implant Specialist

Meet our Dental Implant Specialist

Tired of being referred out to a specialist for dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, or Invisalign?

Being referred out to specialist can not only be inconvenient but also expensive. Those days end at Value Dental Centers in Moreno Valley.  With Dr. Sukut on our team, he brings over 40 years of experience with him. He earned his doctorate of dental surgery from Creighton University. In addition, he completed special graduate programs in orthodontia and in dental implants at Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California.  Dr. Sukut also maintains an associate fellowship awarded by the World Clinical Laser and Imaging (WCLI) Institute for his education and daily treatment of patients using state of the art lasers that improve patient comfort and care.

His wealth of knowledge and experience allows him to perform many surgical procedures, such as implant placement and wisdom tooth extraction, right in our comfortable office. Not to mention, Value Dental Centers offers easy to qualify payment plans for our patients with good and challenged credit. We will make it easy for you to get the dental treatment you need with affordable monthly payments.

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Dr. Sukut is sincerely committed to treating patients as he would like to be treated and is thrilled to a part of the life-changing benefits of comprehensive dentistry.  His energetic personality and exceptional clinical skills make it truly fun to visit the dentist!

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