The Importance of a Smile

01 Jun

The Importance of a Smile

There are many benefits to facing the world with a smile on your face even though it may more difficult some days than others. It becomes even more challenging when you lack the confidence in appearance because of your smile. Although your smile might not be high on your priority list it is a great investment.

Making the conscious decision to smile automatically creates positive changes on the outside and within. By doing this simple act you can influence your mood in a positive way. You can “trick” your brain to improve positive emotions with facial expressions like smiling. Your mood will begin to support the positive emotion your face is trying to communicate through its expression.

Although there are more benefits from a genuine smile, research suggests a fake smile can still improve your mood in a positive way. Ultimately, smiling reduces stress. Those who smile more tend to recover from stress faster than those who don’t. Not only does it help with stress reduction, but it can also release tension on a cellular level by producing an overall sense of balance within the body.

Smiling also makes you more creative by improving the capability to think of more solutions to problems, which leads to an increase in productivity. Another internal benefit of smiling is the change of negative thinking patterns into more positive.

Now that the internal benefits of smiling have been covered, let’s look at some of the external benefits to this simple act. Smiling makes you more welcoming, friendly, and likable. In addition, workers who displayed more authentic smiles came across as more competent than those who didn’t. In addition, the bigger you smile the more trustworthy you are perceived when compared to others who may have a neutral facial expression.

There many beneficial reasons why your smile should be bumped up on the priority list but knowing the right cosmetic dentist in Moreno and which procedure you need can be overwhelming. I will go over the range of cosmetic procedures and a brief description to help get you started.


They are made of ceramic porcelain and improve the appearance of the front teeth by masking any discoloration and improving a smile. This requires minimal to no anesthesia. They can improve your smile by addressing issues such as: dental stains that can’t be fixed with teeth whitening; teeth that are chipped or cracked; teeth that are worn; irregular shaped teeth; and small gaps.

Bonding and Contouring

This procedure has the similar result as veneers but is more traditional and does not call for the removal of teeth enamel. This addresses issues like: cracks or chips on teeth; internal teeth stains that won’t respond to teeth whitening; gaps; unusually shaped or small teeth; uneven edges; and teeth that are overly pointed.

Teeth Whitening

This is an ideal procedure if your teeth are mild to moderately discolored and the stains are on the surface. Usually these stains are caused by dark colored foods or drinks. It is a gentle bleaching gel with options to do it in the office or at home. In office treatment has instant results and the at home treatment will take longer to see the final outcome.


This procedure is more comfortable than braces and it is convenient because they are removable. They are hard to see and are ideal for teenagers and adults. They can correct issues such as: overbites, cross bites, teeth that are tipped or rotated, open bites, minimally crooked teeth, and gaps in the teeth.

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