How Your Tongue Effects Your Oral Health

28 Jun

How Your Tongue Effects Your Oral Health

Just as important to take care of your teeth every day, you might not even be aware that you should keep a close eye on your tongue as well. Lots of bacteria definitely comes from our own tongue, which makes our own organs just as harmful to our teeth as the foods that we eat. It’s important that we have to clean our own tongues properly for acceptable oral hygiene.

To know whether or not your tongue is healthy is to look at its color. An overall pink tongue with no discolorations of red, white or yellow are indicators of a healthy tongue. There are times when your tongue can appear white, if there on dead cells, but it is nothing to be concerned about. The next times you brush and floss will make your tongue appear healthier.

You have around 20 billion different life forms of bacteria living in your mouth. There are about a thousand different types of bacteria, and no one type is known to be better or worse than others that cause bad breath, gums, or teeth. A balance of each type of bacteria is said to provide people with healthy mouths.

There are two kinds of bacteria that Moreno dental care specialists can classify: “gram positive” bacteria and “gram negative” bacteria. Whether bacteria are one or the other depends on where it comes from. Gram positive bacteria comes from plaque, whereas germ negative bacteria is from certain areas of your tongue.

So how is bad breath created? If you guessed “from gram negative bacteria”, you are correct. Gram negative bacteria has a stronger odor than gram positive bacteria. Gram negative bacteria, over time, can build up sulfur byproducts, which are known to smell very foul. This kind of bacteria is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

When you visit the dentist for Moreno dental care, he or she should, in addition to examining your teeth, check your tongue for signs of a resurgence of bacteria forming on it. If an area of your tongue appears paler or whiter, it make be a sign to a certain oral caner known as leukoplakia.

To take care of your tongue at home, there are several was that you can kill bacteria and prevent gram negative bacteria buildup. Choose the method that you would best prefer.

When brushing your teeth two times a day, also brush the surface of your tongue gently. First cover the back and work your way to the tip of your tongue to avoid the risk of swallowing toothpaste. Toothbrushes however won’t do a thorough job of cleaning a tongue because a tongue has a rough surface, while teeth are smoother.

There are also tools you can but at your local drug store, specialized for cleaning tongues. Tongue scrapers are triangular instruments that are designed to reach down into the pores of your tongue.

Tongue brushes also exist, with finer bristles than tooth brushes that are made to get inside the pores of your tongue and do the same job as a toothbrush, but more effectively.

And of course, there are various different mouth washes on the market that can kill bacteria in every area of your mouth. Swish the liquid around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out for an effective way to kill millions of germs. There are several brands, flavors, and purposes for each kind of mouthwash. However, while your mouth is cleaner and your breath is fresh, it also comes at the expense of good bacteria in your mouth.

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